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Manage Exercise & Diet Schedule
In which you can create and store templates of your diet schedules. Assignment of these schedules to clients within one click makes your work smoother and easier.
Member Data Management
Records related to admissions of new members, expiry of the current member, and the date of membership renewal for the existing members need to be updated from time to time.
Staff & Trainers Data Management
Stores voluminous details of your employees.
Track Your Visitors
Maintainance of visitors review as well as their follow ups.
Invoicing & Payments
Payment Follow ups & all Accounting your club

About Club Manager

Here at Club Manager, we provide state of art with multifaceted gym software solutions. that adapts your needs, in present scenario and futuristic demands.

Intuitive and easy to use, Club Manager's comprehensive system includes full hardware integration and partnerships with leading billing providers. This cloud-based software is designed to maximize business productivity in clubs of all sizes, from any device. With 24x7 access control, prospect management, a member portal, point of sale, Exercise & Diet Schedule, Cafeteria manage and much more, Club Manager offers a complete membership software solution.

Powering Your Business

Whether your membership base is of few hundreds, or thousands over multiple sites, Club Manager Focuses on both increasing the efficiency of your daily member management operations, as well as providing the tools to promote business success and growth in the long term.

We are constantly reinvesting in Club Manager, working with gym owners like you to ensure our gym software is providing you with the highest quality, practical solutions which improve the manageability of your business.

Club Manager's success and continued interest from the fitness industry reflected the need for high performing gym software.

We are Passionate About Software

RC Fitness Solution is the company behind Club Manager. We've been creating high-end business solutions since the late 2016, born from a passion for open-source software and cultivating opportunities for talented people to build great things together.

Our team is an asset as it is comprises of technical and business experts. Our technical team strongly embraces fresh ideas from newer developers with extensive expertise from senior developers with 9+ years experience.